Arte e Potere

– Art and Power- Rotating Sculpture.

Lime wood panel (thickness 3,2”) carved on both sides in bas-relief and high-relief  (4 to 50 mm depth) painted with acrylic. 

15” x 5” x Ht. 26” (38 x 13 x H. 65 cm) 



Art and Power, an attraction rooted in the centuries.

In every time there has been no artist who has not questioned the relationship of himself and his work with Power, be it political, religious, economic or social.

Art and power as identification; art and power as separation; art and power as association. 

Has Power ever renounced Art? And when did Art renounce Power?

The panel is connected to the pedestal by a metal rod that allows the Work to rotate from one facade to another.



*Unique Opera