Capriccio Ottocentesco

– 19th Century Caprice – Lime wood panel (thickness 1,6”) carved in bas-relief (depth 10 mm).

41” x 29“ (105 x 75 cm)


Work inspired by the beauty of nineteenth-century landscape painting and its admirable oils on canvas. A new conception of the landscape takes shape, nature bursts into art and reveals itself in all its majestic energy. Skies, woods, valleys, mythological landscapes, pastures, trees emerge from the depths where they were confined in previous centuries to establish themselves as protagonists, while human figures become smaller and smaller until they disappear in the immensity of the idealization of Mediterranean nature.

A real challenge for the artist who removes the colors to give light to the refinement of the carving in its maximum expression, to highlight the technical level achieved. The frame is custom carved and reproduces blocks of marble to set the beauty of this sculpted landscape nature.



*Unique Opera