Crepuscolo Veneziano

– Venetian Nightfall- Wooden bas-relief painted with acrylics.

22” x 18” (58 x 47cm)

Panel thickness 1,5”


Venetian alley at dusk. It’s evening. The moored gondola seems to float over the water; the lantern illuminates the flowers on the windowsill and the marvelous facades of the Florentine Gothic style buildings. The marble and wrought iron balconies come to life so much that they seem to protrude.

Although it is carved with chisel to a depth of only 9 mm, it manages to convey great three-dimensionality. The play of colors and the reflections on the water make the Opera a true jewel of sculptural and painting technique.

The frame is custom carved in perfect Venetian style and painted in gold.



*Unique Opera