Cristo Spaziale

– Space Christ – Rotating sculpture in lime wood.

16” x 37” (42 x 95 cm)


Allegory of creation, between sacred and science.

Finely carved in bas-relief (depth 5mm), the symbols of the Eucharist (ears of wheat and bunches of grapes) and Peace (flowers) are born from the crown of thorns and intertwine along the back, sprouting and blooming. Carved on the side torso in medium relief the seasons of life; birth and childhood, adolescence and first loves, maturity and family, old age. The broken arms portray the Big Bang and the Black Hole, the beginning and the end beyond space and time. The Christ rests on a 33 rpm vinyl whose grooves represent the orbits and steel marbles the planets of the solar system. The base, assembled with components of an airplane stellar turbine from the 1950s, allows the Opera to rotate on itself.



*Unique Opera