Dopo la Fine.. L’Inizio!

–  After the End.. The Beginning! – Rotating Sculpture.

Lime wood panel (thickness 3,5”) carved on both sides in bas-relief and high-relief (4 to 30 mm depth) painted with acrylic. 

14” x 7,5” x Ht. 23” (36 x 19 x H. 58 cm) 


Allegory to Life.

On the front facade carved in high relief, Man and Woman are portrayed in Childhood, Youth, Maturity and Old Age merged into a single story that is Time that passes. On the rear facade The two most famous hands in the world, that of God that extends towards that of Adam, revisited by the Artist in the sky of a sunset over the sea, painted in acrylic on wood. Sculpture and painting merge into a single work. The panel is connected to the pedestal by a metal rod that allows it to rotate from one facade to another.



*Unique Opera