Omaggio a Django Reinhardt

– Tribute to Django Reinhardt- Linden wood panel (thickness 1,5”) carved in bas-relief.

30” x 30” (76 x 76 cm) 


The Opera is a tribute to Django Reinhardt, virtuoso Gipsy jazz guitarist of Sinti ethnicity. Portrait in the 30s at the time of the Hot Club de France with his inseparable manouche guitar in his beloved Paris. The extraordinary artistic level achieved in the carving of this bas-relief (depth 4 mm) is revealed in the attention to details; the Eiffel Tower that rises imperiously in the background, the wrought iron gate, the folds of the dress and the famous left hand maimed in a fire that takes away the use of two fingers, make the Opera a true jewel of sculptural technique. The frame is custom carved in perfect Art Deco style.



*Unique Opera