Piazza Vecchia

 – The Old Square – Wooden bas-relief painted with acrylics. 

27,5” x 39” (70 x 100 cm)

Panel thickness 2,5”


View of the most evocative square of Bergamo Alta at dusk. The street lamp lights up and the city goes out. In the heart of Piazza Vecchia stands the Civic Tower, otherwise known as the Campanone. Even today, every night at 10pm the Campanone chimes one hundred times as a perennial reminder of the closure of the city gates during the Venetian domination. The refinement of the chisel carving (depth 11 mm) transmits great three-dimensionality to the bas-relief. The play of colors and attention to detail make the work a true jewel of sculptural and pictorial technique. The frame is custom carved and painted in perfect 15th century Florentine style.



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