Santa Maria della Salute

Wooden bas-relief painted with acrylics. 

23” x 31” (58 x 80 cm)

Panel thickness 2”


Inspired by Canaletto’s paintings, it depicts the entrance to the Grand Canal. In the center, the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, one of the best expressions of Baroque-Venetian architecture with a large hemispherical dome and refined spiral scrolls stabilized by statues. In the foreground, the characteristic mooring poles of the Venetian lagoon. Set in the early eighteenth century, it portrays the Serenissima in an era of flourishing traffic of precious goods. The refinement of the chisel carving (depth 9 mm) transmits great three-dimensionality to the bas-relief. The play of colors and attention to detail make the Opera a true jewel of sculptural and pictorial technique. The frame is custom carved and painted in perfect Venetian style.



*Unique Opera